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2014 Rally in the Valley

~~Well it’s another year and Rally in the Valley has come and gone again. On August 23 RITV was held on the Peachland waterfront. We had 15 cars in attendance and over the day a couple of more dropped in and agreed to display their cars for a couple of hours. At one point we had 17 vehicles displayed. We had multiple MG’s including a TC , TD, MGA and an MGB,  A Morgan +4, several Triumphs including aTR3, TR6 and TR8, A Lotus Elan, a Morris Minor, a Jaguar Mark II, and a Land Rover. My personal favourite was the Jaguar Mark II simply because the restoration was beautiful and the craftsmanship in a Jag is exquisite and with high praise going to the Land Rover and to Tom for colour matching his Lotus and personal apparel. The Rover had a hand crank start that was shown to actually work just in case your battery should fail out in the bush although I suspect the owner has his BCAA paid up as well.

After the show we departed on a leisurely drive towards Summerland. I led the parade down highway 97 adhering to the speed limit but even that may have been too fast for the TC as it seemed to lag behind. We all arrived at the beautiful Dirty Laundry vineyard where we were treated to a tasting and a detailed explanation as to how their name came about. After the tasting we headed down the road about one kilometer to the Summerland Sweets, a local jam making and wine shop. I did note several people purchasing local jams and spreads. The view upon the hills of Summerland is quite spectacular as are the roads leading up and down.

After the tour we headed back to Peachland for dinner at the Gasthaus. They serve some nice German dishes and have a very nice outdoor patio with a great view of the lake which is directly across the road. The weather was perfect all day long, not too hot and certainly not too cool and the patio was very comfortable.

Next year we are working on something a wee bit larger so stay tuned. Thanks to all the participants for making the show the success that it was. See you all at the next meeting.




2013 RITV®

Saturday August 10 was the 20th annual RITV, held on the shores of beautiful Okanagan Lake at Peachland. 20 proud owners showed off their cars in the park just south of the Duck and Pug B&B.

Barry’s Jaguar Sedan was certainly one of the stars of the show with its wonderful woodwork on the dash and a great attention to detail in the restoration. There were 2 other Jaguars on hand as well. A nice XKE with a 4.2L 6 cylinder and the XJ6 with an original car phone. A very nice MGC was also in attendance and talking to the owner this is not just a B with a bigger engine. The heavier suspension, upgraded drive train including a lower ratio rear end make this a completely different car to drive. The MGB sporting a Union Jack paint job is always an eye catcher for the spectators. Ken’s TR3 is always another highlight with its detailed restoration to make it a daily driver. The upgraded headlights, seats and a third brake light are all necessary to bring the car into modern driving condition. We also had an interesting older MGTC on hand with bicycle fenders on the front wheels and outboard lights and a roll bar which made for in interesting looking car. The triumph section was filled up by 2 nice TR6s and a TR8.

The non-British contingent consisted of a couple of Miata’s, a Toyota MR2 and a Pontiac Solstice. The Solstice was one that had attended the show last year with 49 of his buddies. This one has been modified in many areas and performs way above stock level. Lots of upgrades but the one area that is stock is the battery. The stereo playing all day drained it and a boost from an old Miata was required.

After the show Bruce lead us on a tour of the Summerland area. Lots of interesting roads and I think we even took a wrong turn on one of their new roundabouts and ended up at an interesting new winery called Summer Gate where the owner was more than happy to let us sample many of her products. The 10 of us were probably more visitors than she had all day. After another wrong turn we headed up Giants Head Mountain on a very narrow twisty road to the park area at the top. A great view and lots of photo ops available. At the bottom of the MG Midget and TR3 peeled off and headed home. The rest of us continued the tour back north and after a few more stops we arrived at Little Straw winery for supper. By then the tour consisted of one British car. A Jag XJ6, 2 Miata’s, a Toyota MR2 and a Pontiac Solstice. Not exactly a British contingent. We were joined later by many more folks from the show and we all enjoyed supper on the deck overlooking the Okanagan Valley and Lake.

Thanks to interim President Bruce Stevenson (and Donna) for making all these arrangements.

Pictures of 2013

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