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M.G.s with Tube Shocks!!!

After watching Brother Bob build his new B with tube shocks supplied by el Draco, and talking to Dave Perchie about his B that has Tubes on all 4 corners, I decided to see what it would take to convert my Midget away from the knee type shocks. Mine are at least 28 years old and some of Harvey’s slalom courses use a manhole cover in a natural dip as the turning point. My car bottoms out quite often. Spax makes a kit to convert the Midget but Moss USA does not carry it. Probably because it’s so expensive. I contacted Spax in GB and MOSS GB for a price and was quoted 170LB with 65LB carriage. (Freight) That converts to well over $500.00 and doesn’t include any tax or duty. Victoria British also carry the kit but the price is the same. Most of that cost is for the shocks themselves. The Spax shock is a 28 position externally adjustable unit. More than I really need.

Gord French suggested the use of Spitfire shocks and he has a race prepared midget that has them installed on the rear. I borrowed an old set from Cy Taylor just to try out the sizing. They fit well and it took me about an hour to weld up the brackets and bolt them to the spring plate. The top of the shock simply bolts into the hole for the top of the rebound strap. (With a ½ “ spacer) I tried them at the slalom on May 26th and they seem fine. I ordered a set of KYB Gas Adjust units from Lordco the next day, to complete the conversion. Monroe also has a small shock that would fit. (Monroe does not make a kit for the Midget, only the B)

I will be monitoring the ride and handling for the next few weeks but so far they seem to work great. Anyone want to buy a set of Midget Knee shocks? Only used 28 years.

John Gallant

From Dave Perchie;

Replacing knee action shocks can become quite expensive, as new ones cost upwards of $180.00 US each, if you can get them. To replace all four, this can be over $700.00 US while a complete conversion kit for to tube shocks (Munro) cost about $370.00 US for the four corners. I have a '73 MGB with the complete tube shock conversion installed and find the suspension to be much tighter and the general handling of the car is much improved. I feel the time and cost of the conversion is well worth the money invested and would recommend MG owners carry out this conversion on their car.

Cheers Dave


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